Discover your future - brew more than just beer!

Pilot brewery


Getting better by being different! Today, product differentiation is more in demand than ever before. Innovative products and our specially designed pilot brewery give you the opportunity to design and test new recipes and to evaluate changes in existing recipes.


Cost effective product development and enhancements can be realised with our variable high-tech facility with a cast out volume of 2.5 hl per brew. The exclusive recipes are precisely documented and the results are reproducible. This guarantees straightforward implementation in your company! No limits are placed upon your ideas: products that fall within the purity laws and products that donít, non-alcoholic products that are based on malt, yeast fermentation and other types of fermentation.We can fill these innovative products for you into kegs or bottles.

The experts in our laboratory can conduct an analysis at any time during the production process. This enables us to react immediately if necessary and saves valuable time. Come visit us and see for yourself!

What is the ambition of our pilot brewery?

Product development

  • New types of beer

     - Speciality beers
     - Beers made of spelt, rye, wild emmer or other grains
     - Beers with a fancy hop addition
     - Other beers than such in accordance with the German purity law

  • Innovative beverages, unfermented or using various fermentation methods

Testing new technologies

•   Brewing water treatment
•   Infusion and decoction methods
•   Inert gas application (mill, brewing vessels)
•   Boiling methods
•   Fermentation methods (open-/ tank-/ pressure-fermentation, single-tank process)
•   Yeast propagation
•   Storage conditions
Usage of different raw materials
•   New barley harvests
•   New hop products and hop varieties
•   New yeast strains


What are the additional benefits for the customer?

Absolutely reproducible testing results

Complete documentation

Best possible communication between pilot brewery and laboratory
•   All required analyses are performed in one establishment
•   Immediate reaction and optimisation of the process are possible

Strict confidentiality

Result oriented consulting

Qualified staff of brewing engineers and master brewers


What are the features of our pilot brewery?

State of the art technology and technical equipment

•   Variable system up to 2.5 hl batch size
•   4 roller mill with inert gas atmosphere
•   Fully automated brew house, S7-controlled
•   Infusion method as well as decoction method with small mash boiling
•   Brewing vessels with inert gas atmosphere
•   Lautering regulated by flow rate or by differential pressure
•   Wort boiling methods:
     - steam heated mash/wort kettle
     - whirlpool wort kettle by external wort



Yeast banking and maintenance

We maintain your yeast strains to ensure your company’s future. In addition, we also offer other standard and special yeasts.

•   Brewery yeasts, pure culture as an agar slant or liquid culture
•   Maintaining your own yeast strain, delivery as a pure culture


Current projects

Non-alcoholic beer

The sales development of non-alcoholic beer deserves attention. Especially
alcohol-free wheat beer is very popular in Germany.

Would you like to take advantage of this development, but your company lacks the
necessary equipment? We offer you a method, which can be realized without or with
only small investments in breweries of all sizes!

The non-alcoholic wheat beer of our pilot brewery is designed as draft beer, brewed
with a special mashing process, and fermented with special yeast and a selected
fermentation process.