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Quality seal and certifications

The ”Brewed Quality” certificate

Pub breweries make beer drinking an event. Consumers today want to enjoy vintage brewery traditions combined with modern quality.We ensure the quality of your beer with regular checks and expert advice. Our certificate “Gebraute Qualität” (brewed quality) certifies the special quality of your local beer and impresses your customers. Convince with a quality seal!

‘Brewed Quality’ Certificate

  • For pub breweries, breweries with vintage brewery tradition
  • Includes regular checks and expert advice
  • Ensures the quality of the beer
  • Certifies the special quality of the local beer


Quality seal

Product safety and the degree of trust consumers have in a brand influence their decision to buy. The Quality seal from Institute Romeis is an added value to your products. Convince your customers and stand out from your competition with a “Gebraute Qualität” (brewed quality) seal. Consumers will notice the difference with one look at your label.

  • Ensuring relevant requirements in terms of consumer safety, food law and quality
  • Good manufacturing practice and quality
  • Special product quality, more than regularized
  • Cooperation with an impartial and independent institute