Hygiene alone is not enough!

Mikrobiology and Hygiene

Many of our customers face the same problems. New packaging, modern technologies and innovative products challenge their hygiene monitoring every day. This requires extensive and reliable operating control.
With microbiological progressive controls we effectively monitor the hygiene of your production equipment and surrounding areas. We provide comprehensive and detailed test results and present workable, cost effective solutions.
Whether it is the analysis of official cross-checks, the identification of relevant germs, or special detection methods such as:

  • quick testing methods
  • raw materials and packaging checks
  • control of sterilization equipment
  • hygiene inspections

we are your competent partner for all microbiological questions. Consulting service and experienced samplers make our service complete.

Microbiological tests of food and drugs

    • check of finished products
    • operating controls including raw materials, production equipment and surrounding areas
    • hygiene monitoring of production plants, communal feedings and clinics
    • tests according to legal requirements
    • tests on hygiene relevant germs and pathogenic germs
    • quick testing methods
    • identification of microorganisms
    • reliability respectively risk assessment