About us

In times of globalisation, capable consulting in product safety and quality, quality control, management systems (IFS, BRC, etc.) and technology is demanded by breweries and the beverage industry. Experts from the Institut Romeis can offer this multidisciplinary approach.

From our chemistry lab you can expect state-of-the-art beverage analytics, our microbiology lab offers a broad analysis spectrum, including beverage microbiology, food biology, hygiene (monitorings, step control), pharmaceutic microbiology, special analysis, and practical research. Our experimental brewery is the source of recipes, created with heart, soul and brains.

Unlike other labs, we are providing test results AND advice.

The Institut Romeis is lead by the holder, medium-sized, accredited, GMP certified, free and independent, and unsubsidised by the state or the industry. In other words: Optimal preconditions to react fast, flexible, competent, and in step with actual practice.


1975 Founding of the LABOR ROMEIS by Peter Romeis
1984 New lab building in Bad Kissingen, Germany
1991 New lab building in Oberthulba, Germany
2004 Enlargement of the Oberthulba building
2005 The experimental bewery is put into service
2005 Change of name to INSTITUT ROMEIS
2012 Further enlargement of the Oberthulba building

Currently the INSTITUT ROMEIS is employing 30 staff members, about a third of them with university degrees.